Emi L’Hime

Emi is the daughter of two of Elince’s most famous diplomats, and the youngest child of the L’Hime Family. Constantly feeling overshadowed by her successful older brothers and being forced into the life of the wealthy, Emi feels very cooped up in her life and eager to rebel at every turn. She’s been looking for a chance at real adventure… if only she had enough social aptitude to make that happen.

Thanks to her parents, she’s been engaged for years to a noblewoman from Zahn named Lady Khara. She’s never met the woman, but… well, she tries not to think about it.

Likes: Reading books, people-watching, cute girls

Dislikes: Crowds, being told what to do, greyback bears, the future

Secret: Emi had a tutor before Ms. Khami took over, but he quit after she threw a temper tantrum so fierce he ended up with bruises.

Beatrice Ragnell

Beatrice is a bright young student at the St. Helens Junior Priest Academy. As soon as she graduates, she wants to join the priesthood and become the best there ever was. She may have to sacrifice her ability to see her family or friends ever again, but being a priest has been her dream since childhood and she knows she wants to make a difference in the world.

She’s the daughter of a librarian, and so spends a great amount of her life sitting around reading the many books she comes across. Learning new things is never a problem!

Likes: Reading books, doing well on tests, adventure and travel

Dislikes: Her appearance, her weird habits, her few friends, herself…

Secret: Beatrice took a stuffed animal to school with her every day for the first two years at St. Helens. Its name was Kissums.

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