Hands Held in the Snow

by Thedude3445

art by Mikyala Buan

I don’t believe in love at first sight.

You do? That’s because you’re still too young. It takes much longer in life to come to grips with the fact that love isn’t something that sparks out of nowhere. There are no soulmates, no destinies intertwined by the Gods. Love comes only when you work for it. The best we can hope for is infatuation at first sight, and that’s not quite as poetic.

What? You… Oh. No, me loving you at first sight doesn’t count, because I’m your grandmother. I’m talking about the romantic kind of love.

But, for all my skepticism, there’s one story I’ve heard over the years that’s made me question this belief. …Yes, it’s story time. Yes, this is does involve that centaur carving you found. I promise. I’m not senile yet– at least I hope not. Come, sit down, sit down.

Okay, are you settled? I’ve actually been meaning to tell you this story for a long time. The first time I heard it, it changed my perspective on a life I had thought was set in stone. And now I think you’re old enough to understand it yourself. 


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